Best Personal Blender to Buy

If it’s just you in the house, or at least just you drinking smoothies, you probably don’t want a large and oversized smoothie maker option that’s going to make way more than you need, right? You want something that’s going to provide just the right amount for your day or even for a single smoothie and that’s what each of these single-serve blenders are going to [...]

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Best Smoothie Blender

If you’re looking to get the absolute best of the best and top of the line smoothie maker then you’re definitely going to want to take a look at these. They each bring something to the table and they’re definitely going to get you high quality when it comes to your favorite smoothies. That’s what you’re paying for after all, right? You will spend a [...]

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Top Picks for Best Blender Under $100

Not everyone has a lot of money to spend on a blender even if they want to make sure they’re getting a good one. So how do you make sure that you’re getting something great but not break the bank? Well you’re going to want to start by checking out this list. These blenders are all at or below $100, and they each provide you with [...]

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Best Blender for Ice Mixing

If you are a fan of frozen drinks, ice cream, or smoothies that use crushed ice and frozen fruit ingredients, then it is important that you find a heavy-duty blender that is capable of mixing and crushing ice to provide you with the texture and consistency you are craving. Before purchasing the best blender for ice mixing, there are a few factors you should consider: Size [...]

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