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CSB-75BC 200 Cuisinart Smart Stick Blender Review [Did It Satisfy Us?]

CSB-75BC 200 Cuisinart Smart Stick Blender Review [Did It Satisfy Us?]

Are you looking for a high durability blender?

Choosing the right blender will make your work trouble free. Here is the Cuisinart Smart Stick Blender (CSB-75BC 200 ) which fulfills your needs for your kitchen.

Cuisinart Smart Stick Blender Review

About Cuisinart

Cuisinart is an innovative kitchen appliance founded by Carl Sontheimer in 1973. They launched the food processor so that it would be easy for the homemakers to cook food rapidly and with ease.

Cuisinart is one of the top brands that has introduced many products for the kitchen.

Some of the products manufactured by them are can openers, blenders, coffee makers, countertop cooking appliances, cookware, dinnerware, flatware, food processors, glassware, hand mixers, hand blenders, microwave ovens, kitchen tools, gadgets, slow cookers, tea kettles, stand mixers, etc.

Smart stick blender

A smart stick blender is a device utilized to extend the performance of the blender like whisking and chopping. You will be able to prepare cheese and meat quickly with the use of the Chopper and Grinder, which is attached to the Smart Stick.

This smart stick blender comes with a slim style and stainless steel brushes which make it easy to blend and whip. This mixer enables you to mix the ingredients while cooking.


There are many multi-mode functions like blending, chopping, grinding and whipping included in this blender stick. It comes with the 200-watt motor which mechanically makes the work easier.

The blender comes with stainless steel attachment which gives it a longer life span.  It is a proficient blender that is portable and capable of beating and blending dense foods.

This mixer comes with fulfilling the essential duty like chopping, grinding, mixing, blending and whipping,  which is also designed with the 2-speed chopper and grinder with whisk connection.

This blender offers a single touch function, and it has the option to mix in a vessel, jug or bowl.


This blender makes use of the whisk for whipping a deep cream or egg. It is also utilized for many duties that include whisking manually and beating for omelets. You can use the new bowl for whipping the heavy cream.


This Cuisinart Smart stick blender comes with a reversible blade. The blade is outfitted with the blender, chopper or grinder.  This reversible blade is designed with a sharp edge on one region and blunt on another area.

We can effortlessly change to the most suitable blade based on our usage. This reversible blade is associated with a plastic ring that slides under the blade assembly shaft.


The blade is designed for both blending and mixing a variety of foods that includes drink products, salad squashing, and sauces. This is one of the ultimate blenders for dry constituent even for blending mayonnaise.

This reversible blade combines and stirs along with the air to the ingredients. It takes some up and down shift to prepare the fluid recipes.


This Cuisinart Smart stick blender comes with a stainless steel brush with the printed Cuisinart logo. It is designed with a potent 200-watt motor which runs the device mechanically. There are two buttons for low and high-speed usage.

This blender is designed with easy grasp handle. It also comes with stainless steel removable and a whisk connection. It is designed with 16-ounce blending and measurement beaker.

Speed power button

You can turn on the blender by touching a button. Just press and hold on the high or low button to mix or chop the food. You can stop it by discharging the button.


This Cuisinart smart stick is one of the most efficient kitchen appliances. This is used to cook various ingredients by blending, chopping and whipping.

It mainly extends the blender’s performance. As it comes with the slim style and stainless steel brush it is trouble-free to whip, chop and blend the food in the bowl, pan or a jug. It seems to be reliable and effortless to use. It is one of the most durable blenders that last for a lifetime.

Blending and Whisk attachment

The blending attachment is over the motor body lodging. The reversible blade is partially enclosed with a stainless steel lodging that will keep splashing to a minimum. Cleaning the blender is also trouble free press the discharge button on the back part.

The whisk attachment helps in beating heavy creams and toppings for dessert.

The chopper or grinder attachment is for chopping, grinding cheese, nuts, vegetables and fruits. The chopper or grinder is attached to the blender motor with the whisk attachment or blender shaft.

Blending Cup

This Cuisinart Smart stick blender comes with two cups which includes dishwasher safe and  microwave. The containers are utilized for shakes, salad squashing and drinks. The cups offer trouble free gripping and drip-free pouring. It comes with a comfortable handle which is easy to utilize.

Advantages Of Cuisinart Smart Stick

Here are some of the pros of this blender smart stick.

  1. The main advantage of this Cuisinart Smart stick blender is a 200-watt motor which will run just by pressing the buttons.
  2. It is also designed with high and low power button options which are used for blending both light and heavy dishes.
  3. These blenders last for many years.
  4. Another advantage is that you can easily wash the parts of this smart stick blender.
  5. You can remove the blender part after the usage.
  6. It is available in many different colors like Black, Red, Orange, etc…

Disadvantages of Cuisinart Smart Stick Blender:

Check out the cons of this blender below.

  1. It uses a short power cord that is approximately 32 inches in size.
  2. We can’t chop food using this Cuisinart Smart stick blender.
  3. You will not be able to crush ice.
Cuisinart Smart Stick

Special Feature:

It offers trouble free gripping and drip-free pouring.

Key features:Cuisinart Smart Stick Review

+ 200 watt power motor,

+ 16 ounce blending.


+ long lasting,

+ diswasher safe.


+ Use short power cord.

Our Rating: [usr 4.5 size=20]

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Final Touch…

This Cuisinart Smart stick blender is a flexible device,  which is affordable when compared to the other products available in the market.

Hope this article will be highly useful to you to know about the Cuisinart Smart stick blender.

If you have any queries (or) like to share any information regarding the Cuisinart Smart stick blender you can share it in the below comment box.

Got an idea about Cuisinart smart stick blender?

Grab a one for your home and enjoy cooking with Cuisinart Smart Stick Blender.  

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